The body is permanently defending itself against substances in our surroundings. Viruses, bacteria and pollutants are always active and leave the immune system no time for rest.

Especially in winter, cold viruses are active and the immune system is permanently challenged. This can lead to a weakening of the immune defense which makes it easier for pathogens to enter the organism. Particularly small children are prone to infections due to their not yet fully developed immune system. Not only winter, but also lifestyle strains the immune system. Persistent stress, unbalanced diet, smoking and alcohol consumption can also weaken the immune defense. The reliability of our immune system guarantees maintenance of health. It defends the human organism against pathogens and destroys „defective“ cells which harm the body.

In periods of cold epidemics or physical and mental stress it is not easy for the immune system to defend pathogens, even with a healthy and balanced diet. Therefore, Dr. Loges developed products for the maintenance and support of the immune function as well as for prevention of typical cold symptoms: immunLoges®, vitamin D-Loges® 5.600 I.U. and curcumin-Loges®.