If at home or on travel – pathogens are everywhere. Unfortunately, also at places you do not expect them.
Vacation means fun and regeneration, a few days away from every day life. But also on vacation health problems may spoil the day.

On vacation or at home, the most common health problems are diarrhea, cold and allergic reactions. Diarrhea is the most frequent travel disease. Different bacteria, viruses and parasites are the main cause for travel diarrhea. But also unfamiliar food, climate change and stress may upset the digestive tract.

Stress may also weaken the immune system but also air conditioning at the airport or on the plane or wet bathing suits.

Also allergies do not rest during vacation.

To be prepared you should always have first aid at hand.

When on vacation, take along medication you are already used to. To buy medication abroad can be quite difficult. It may only be available with a different name or quality.

Dr. Loges offers preparations that are naturally very helpful for the most common complaints. diarrhoesan® Saft, allergoLoges® and immunLoges® should not be missing in your first aid kit.