Unfortunately, cardiovascular diseases are quite common and can lead to a decreased quality of life or even life expectancy.

Cardiac insufficiency, increased cholesterol levels, vascular disorders – the list of cardio-vascular diseases is long and considerable. The reasons for these problems are often due to an unhealthy lifestyle. Fat food, little exercise, stress, alcohol and nicotine quite often lead to cardiovascular diseases. But also age plays an important role.

Therefore, it is important to care for the cardiovascular system in time. A healthy lifestyle is very important. This includes sufficient exercise and healthy food; particularly omega 3 fatty acids are essential.

But it is not easy to follow this in modern life or age. In these cases it can be advisable to support and strengthen the cardiovascular system with efficient substances.

Dr. Loges offers the following product to support your cardiovascular health:
vasoLoges® protect stimulate the cardiovascular system, support the cholesterol metabolism and support the vessels.