In menopause the female body produces less gestagen and estrogen (female sex hormones). The reason for this is the decreasing function of the ovaries. The menstrual periods occur less frequent until they stop – the so called menopause.

The years of hormonal change before and after menopause are called climacteric period. In this period the body adapts itself to the lower estrogen level. The climacteric period normally starts between 45 and 50 and it can last between 5 to 10 years.

The hormonal change is a natural process and no disease. However, about two thirds of all women suffer from menopausal complaints like hot flashed or sweating. But also sleeping disorders, physical and mental fatigue, agitation, anxiety, depression and vaginal dryness are typical symptoms of hormonal change.

To ease the menopausal symptoms many women still revert to hormone replacement therapy.
This controversial method replaces the hormones estrogen and progesterone by chemical hormones. Although the therapy is usually reliable not all women want to take artificial hormones suspecting an increased tumor risk and other side effects.

femiLoges® offers reliable and effective relief of menopausal symptoms like hot flashes, sweating, sleeping disorders and depression with the help of Siberian rhapontic rhubarb. Particularly, irritating hot flushes can be treated effectively, comparable to a low dose hormone replacement therapy.