Every body is well built!
Namely the body is built of 720 muscles, 200 bones and 68 joints. More than half of the body’s parts are required to make only one step. But also for small movements, like being in a sitting position or laying down, turning a page of a book or making a phone call, a big number of muscles and joints are engaged. Whether in professional life, leisure time or particularly during exercise, the musculoskeletal system never rests.

Muscles, bones and joints – they enable us to be mobile. But some sports, the job and age may cause signs of exhaustion of the musculoskeletal system. There are a variety of degenerations affecting the skeleton. Frequently concerned are the knees, hips, shoulders and the spine.

It is important to support the skeleton and to treat joint pain or injuries of the muscles and bones to be able to stay mobile.

Dr. Loges developed different products to support the musculoskeletal system. adaptoLoges®, aminoLoges®, teufelskralle-Loges® and curcumin-Loges® are beneficial for muscles, joints and bones.