Modern life can be stressful. Professional and everyday life has become more and more demanding. We live in a constant state of change which sometimes can put us off-balance. Modern people have to be flexible, but flexibility may also lead to insecurity, anxiety and sorrow.

Anxiety disorders and depression are becoming increasingly more common and belong to the most frequent mental diseases. Women are more often affected than men.

Modern life is not possible without stressing demand or mental stress. The high standard of living takes its toll. If you are not able to cope with it, nervousness, anxiety and depression may decrease quality of life immensely.

Long-term nervous anxiety may also cause organic or psychovegetative complaints like heart disorders, gastric ulcer, tension headache or back problems. Therefore, a quick treatment would be recommendable.

Autogenic training, meditation and/or exercise may help to calm down and eliminate negative energy. But there are also natural substances that may give reliable support.