A balanced diet is essential for human health. Permanent unhealthy diet can cause diseases and weakens the immune system. The human body requires regular supplementation of nutrients.

Diet is connected to vitality and well-being. General well-being and average life expectancy of people from the Mediterranean are high compared to other countries. The reason for this probably is the Mediterranean food. Olives, nuts and sea fish are the most important suppliers of omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids are so called essential substances which cannot be produced by the human body but have to be supplemented with food. They play an important role in metabolism, blood flow and protection of cells.
But people from the Mediterranean also eat a lot of fresh fruit which provide essential vitamins. All this helps them to stay healthy. They have a significantly decreased risk of high blood pressure, stroke and heart diseases.

Our living conditions do not always allow sufficient consumption of sea fish. Also in age, in case of illness or in sportive competition phases, a normal diet may not be sufficient to supply the body with all required nutrients.

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