Professionals or amateurs, in competition or for oneself – every athlete wants to demonstrate best performance. One wants to hold his performance level, the other wants to push to new levels. Other ones want to leave competitors behind. Sports and fitness can be motivating in different ways. But one principle applies for all: if the body is challenged, it also has to be supported.

Not only professional athletes require the right support for their muscles, nerves and the cardiovascular system. Also recreational athletes suffer from cramps, early mental and physical fatigue but also disease and injuries.

Everybody knows that vitamins, minerals and micronutrients are used during exercise and have to be filled up by an appropriate diet to keep the body fit and powerful. But not replenishing of vital substances and energy alone leads to maximum performance. Intensive training and competition require further commitment. The one who wants to give everything needs more of everything: Perfect regeneration, intensive protection of muscle and nerve cells, a strong immune system, increased coordination and concentration up to enhanced fluidity of the blood. Are you thinking about doping? Dr. Loges is not!

Especially for athletes in endurance or team sports Dr. Loges has developed preparations optimizing physical and mental regeneration and to support physical performance extensively. Long-term experience and findings from sports science and sports nutrition found their way into the development of adaptoLoges®, aminoLoges® and immunLoges®. Close cooperation with scientists ensures that these preparations optimally complement each other.