It all started in the Himalayas…

"Rauwolfia serpentina" is the name of a valuable healing plant. It is domestic in the region Kashmir in the Himalayas. This rare plant aroused the interest of the young pharmacy doctoral student Werner Loges in the 1950s. As he could not get hold of the plant in Germany on conventional ways he went on a journey to Asia for three months. On the slopes of the Himalayas he dug out the valuable root with his own hands and took it to Germany where he made Rauwolfia serpentina subject of his doctoral thesis. History of the company Dr. Loges thus started with a historical excavation so to say. As in 1958, Werner Loges developed his first pharmaceutical product dystoLoges®, which contained the until then unknown Rauwolfia serpentina. From these early beginnings the company Dr. Loges developed more than 50 products and managed to remain successful on the market.

Pioneering concepts

Back then, Werner Loges already proved to have a perfect sense for the needs of his desired target group: He provided them with natural and pure substances instead of chemical preparations. Thanks to the vision and the conviction of the founder the company was and is able to grow steadily.

Today, our range of more than 40 products satisfies the demands of many therapists and patients.