allergoLoges® - the natural combination for treatment of allergic reaction

Dr. Loges - allergoLoges®

Allergy causing substances are numerous and so are the symptoms. A runny nose, sneezing attacks, redded eyes, itchy skin or shortness of breath are the most common allergic symptoms.

But as different as the reactions of the skin and mucous membranes are, Dr. Loges offers a homeopathic product dedicated for the treatment in such overreactions called: allergoLoges®.

One against all

allergoLoges® contains a well-balanced combination of homeopathic substances. Luffa, galphimia, formic acid, honeybee, balloon plant and Indian pennywort are carefully combined in allergoLoges and help to improve typical allergic symptoms.

allergoLoges® - a homeopathic combination:

  • can help to improve numerous allergic symptoms
  • is suitable for long-term treatment
  • is well tolerated
  • What is special about allergoLoges®?

    Allergy causing substances are numerous and so are the symptoms. allergoLoges® contains a carefully balanced combination of homeopathic substances in order to improve allergic symptoms:

    • Luffa and galphimia are effective for the treatment of inflamed mucosa, aqueous rhinorrhea (runny nose) and sneezing attacks.
    • Diluted formic acid, honey bee, balloon plant and Indian pennywort relieve itching, swelling, redness and burning sensation and may help in case of desquamation of the skin.
  • How to take allergoLoges®?

    Acute symptoms: 5–10 drops every half to one hour, not exceeding 12-times daily.
    Chronic symptoms: 5-10 drops up to 3-times daily.

  • Pack sizes

    50 ml drops

    If you have any further questions on the use or side effects of this medicine, ask your doctor or pharmacist.

    Only available in pharmacies.

  • What does allergoLoges® contain?

    10 g (11 ml) mixture contains the active substances:
    0.33 g Acidum formicicum Dil. D4
    0.33 g Apis mellifica Dil. D4
    0.08 g Cardiospermum Dil. D2
    0.33 g Galphimia glauca Dil. D3
    0.40 g Hydrocotyle asiatica Dil. D3
    0.40 g Luffa operculata Dil. D4

    Other ingredients:
    Ethanol 43 % (g/g).


    (Note: international nomenclature of homeopathic products in Germany D4 equal to 4X in US equal e.g. in France and Spain to 4DH)

  • Product labelling

    The indications are derived from the homoeopathic remedy symptoms. These include: Allergies, particularly allergic skin reactions, hay fever. Warning: Mixtures contains 52 vol.-% alcohol. Refer to the package leaflet for risks and side effects and consult your doctor or pharmacist.