aminoLoges® delays fatigue

The special combination of essential and endogenous substances (essential and semi-essential amino acids) was especially developed for athletes and helps to delay early fatigue in endurance and team sports.

Carbohydrate and fats, but also amino acids are sources of energy

Everybody knows that carbohydrates and fats are transformed into energy. Less known is that also essential amino acids are metabolized. A deficiency in amino acids leads to fatigue and heavy legs despite of sufficient carbohydrate and fat intake. Amino acids are essential for energy balance and oxygen supply. Therefore, they are quickly consumed during exercise. If the supply of available amino acids is exhausted the body takes back on the endogenous protein of the muscles which is made of amino acids. aminoLoges® provides all essential amino acids required for the compensation of loss during exercise immediately.

Quickly available amino acids

The body requires amino acids for permanent endurance during intensive exercise or competition and the delaying of muscular fatigue. aminoLoges® supplies the body with all the essential amino acids.

Unexpected quickly heavy legs can spoil the joy of exercise and competition.
aminoLoges® supplies the muscles with pure amino acids and prevents early fatigue during exercise.

Special combination for athletes

aminoLoges® meets the special needs of athletes. Taken one hour before an intensive training or competition - aminoLoges® covers the raised nutritional requirements on the spot.


  • delays physical and mental fatigue
  • specifically formulated to meet the needs of athletes
  • easy intake during exercise and competition
  • What is special about aminoLoges®?

    Sports science research
    In a clinical trial - published in „medical sports“ No. 2/2008 - 40 cyclists were randomized to receive either aminologes or placebo. Neither the athletes nor Prof. Dr. Hottenrott, lead investigator, knew who received which preparation (double-blind clinical trial).

    The participants had to undergo a cycling enduring test to determine the lactate threshold of 4 mmol/l. The lactate threshold test measures the value of every athlete’s individual physical power necessary for the production of 4 mmol/l of lactate. Following this, one group was assigned to receive aminologes for 4 weeks and the other one to placebo. After 4 weeks of exercise the test was redone.
    It was shown, that the participants in the placebo group were able to extend their training session by 10,1% compared to the initial test. This complies with the effect that would be expected after an appropriate exercise. In comparison, the aminoLoges® group was able to yield an extension of their training session of 21,4% (!) – a significant increase in training effect. Therefore, the positive effects of aminoLoges are scientifically proven.

    Please click here for further information on the clinical trial.

    Quality is very important for Dr. Loges, this also applies for aminoLoges®: A unique combination of highly efficient amino acids – free of flavouring or colouring agents or preservatives. Therefore, aminoLoges® meets the highest standards and you can be sure that your body will be supplied with healthy energy. aminoLoges® is exclusively manufactured in Germany to ensure that the quality of Dr. Loges’ products are compliant with highest German standards.


    • positive effect proven in scientific trials
    • high-quality amino acids mainly from herbal sources
    • tasteless tablet, easy intake
    • does not contain flavouring or colouring agents or preservatives
    • is regularly tested for doping substances
  • How to take aminoLoges®?

    recommended intake   training      competition
    1h before start5x one tablet     10x one tablet

    aminoLoges® should be taken 45 to 60 minutes before exercise.

    The suitable individual dose should be determined under consideration of personal experience as it is dependent on the personal need (body mass, nutritional state, storage and uptake of carbohydrates, metabolism) and of cause on the intensity of exercise.

    We recommend a dose of 5 tablets for mild exercise and 10 tablets for extended and high intensity exercise (e.g. before a competition).

    aminoLoges® is a nutritional supplement providing essential amino acids for improved energy supply. Its tablet shape has two advantages: 1. the active substances are released into the body in pure quality, no additives have to be metabolized and 2. the intake is easy and comfortable.

    Take aminologes unchewed with sufficient liquid.

  • FAQ

    Are all ingredients of aminoLoges® metabolized by the body or does it causes an overload during exercise?
    Loges® contains a special combination of amino acids which are completely metabolized. The intake of aminoLoges® does not lead to an increased degradation of endogenous muscle protein during exercise. And it does not yield to an increase in degradation products (urea) that would cause acidity. The metabolism is not unnecessarily affected.

    Does aminologes® replace carbohydrate gels?
    Amino acids are no substitute for carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are mainly responsible for energy production and should be supplied during intense exercise. Large amounts of glucose are metabolized during endurance sports; therefore even an intake of a carbohydrate gel does not prevent exhaustion of glycogen supplies. The body then uses amino acids as energy reserves. Tests have shown that up to 10 % of energy is won from amino acids during a marathon. To avoid degradation of endogenous protein of muscles during exercise it is appropriate to additionally take aminoLoges®.

    What are the differences between other amino acid combinations, particularly protein shakes?
    aminoLoges® is a special combination of essential and semi-essential amino acids. Specific supplementation of amino acids - which are present in the body only in small quantity - avoids a deficit during exercise. The usual protein drinks on the market mainly contain protein hydrolysates - enzymatic modified proteins. Not all of them can be metabolized; this leads to unnecessary stress for the organism caused by metabolic waste products.

  • Pack sizes

    100 tablet

    Only available in pharmacies.

  • What does aminologes® contain?

    1 tablet contains:
    125 mg L-Leucine
    62.5 mg L-Ornithine
    62.5 mg L-Isoleucine
    62.5 mg L-Valine
    62.5 mg L-Arginine
    50 mg L-Cysteine
    50 mg L-Tyrosine
    31.25 mg L-Lysine
    31.25 mg L-Phenylalanine
    31.25 mg L-Threonine
    25 mg L-Histidine
    12.5 mg L-Methionine
    12.5 mg L-Tryptophan

    Ingredients:L-Leucine, L-Ornithinhydrochloride, L-Isoleucine, L-Valine, L-Arginine, L-Cysteine, L-Tyrosine, L-Lysinhydrochloride, L-Phenylalanine, L-Threonine, L-Histidinhydrochloride, L-Methionine, L-Tryptophan, filling agent: microcrystalline cellulose, hydroxypropylmethylcellulose; coating agent:shellac; release agent: talcum; olive oil.

  • Product labelling

    aminoLoges® - Nutritional supplement containing amino acids for athletes with intensive muscle exertion. Due to its special combination aminoLoges® is suitable for particular nutritional uses in athletes with intensive muscle exertion.