Always pick on the little ones!

Cough, cold or diarrhea – as the immune system of children is not yet fully developed they are more likely to be infected by viruses or bacteria than adults. Especially diarrhea, often accompanied by illness and cramps, causes the concern of parents: How can I help? What medication is suitable? And what preparations are effective and well tolerated?

Watch out for intruders

Viruses and bacteria are the main cause for gastrointestinal diseases: they affect the intestinal mucosa and cause a local inflammation. The intestine is not able to absorb sufficient water and minerals. Generally, this leads to watery stools which will occur frequently within a few hours and get is accompanied by stomach ache and sickness.

First aid

Particularly in children, this could lead to dehydration. Therefore, it is essential to quickly supply the body with liquids and electrolytes. Additionally, diarrhœsan® Saft alleviates the symptoms and cause– on a natural basis.

diarrhœsan®Saft is an oral solution especially for kids, it alleviates the symptoms and cause of diarrhea

Scientifically proven efficacy

The combination of apple pectin and chamomile optimally supports the treatment with electrolytes. Contrary to convenient preparations, like medicinal yeasts, diarrhoesan fights the symptoms and cause of diarrhea without inhibiting the intestinal motility or causing constipation.

  • apple pectin binds pathogens in the intestine and forms a protective layer on the intestinal wall.
  • chamomile extract reduces symptoms like cramps and inflammation.

diarrhœsan® Saft alleviates the symptoms and cause of diarrhea. Clinical trials have shown that diarrhoesan oral solution reduces the number of stools and quickly decreases cramps. The oral solution is suitable for children from age of two years and has a pleasant fruity taste.

diarrhœsan® Saft

  • binds harmful toxines and forms a protective layer on the intestinal wall
  • is antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory
  • is suitable for children and has a fruity taste
  • is suitable as supplement to electrolyte solution
  • What is special about diarrhœsan® Saft

    Clinical trials have proven*: diarrhœsan® Saft promotes quick recovery and reduces duration of diarrhea.

    Clinical trials confirm efficacy of diarrhœsan® Saft: One group of children suffering from diarrhea was treated with diarrhœsan® saft, another received placebo. Result: A higher cure rate was observed in the diarrhœsan® Saft. Diarrhea duration was reduced by approximately 11 hours compared to placebo. Another trial revealed that the frequency of stools could be reduced. Also stool consistency was positively influenced. These trials prove the positive effect of diarrhœsan® Saftt in therapy of diarrhea.

    * References: Bauer K et al.: Z Phytother 2008; 29: 169-172, Becker B et al.: Arzneim.-Forsch./Drug Res. 2006; 56: 6, De la Motte S: Editio Cantor Verlag; Aulendorf, Arzneim.-Forsch./Drug Res 1997; 47 (ll): 11, Rittinger O: Ärtzliche Praxis 1983; 45: Amoah M: Der Kinderarzt 1977; 1:



    Picture: Kaplan-Meier-Plot diarrhea-Duration after treatment with an apple pectin-chamomile extract (diarrhœsan® Saft) or placebo in children (aged 6 months to 5.5 year). The difference between both therapies was statistically significant (p <0,05, Log-Rank-Test).

    Picture: Influence of diarrhœsan® Saft on the combined endpoints stool frequency, stool consistency, duration of diarrhea as well as on the individual parameters (Mann-Whitney parameter 97.5 %).

  • How to take diarrhœsan® Saft?

    Children 2 to 3 years: Starting dose of 10 ml, subsequently 5 ml every hour, maximum daily dose: 60 ml.
    Children 4 to 5 years: Starting dose of 20 ml, subsequently 10 ml every hour, maximum daily dose: 80 ml.
    Children ≥ 6 years and adults: Starting dose of 30 ml, subsequently 15 ml every hour, maximum daily dose:
    120 ml
    Every pack contains a scaled measuring cup.

    What do you also have to consider?
    Sufficient hydration and a balanced diet are the basic treatments for diarrhea, especially in children.

  • What does diarrhœsan® Saft contain?

    100 g oral solution contains the active substances:
    3.2 g apple pectin
    2.5 g chamomile fluid extract (1:0.9 – 1.1)
    Extracting solution: ethanol 55% (V/V)
    Other ingredients:
    sodium benzoate, sodium saccharin, banana flavour, purified water, aspartame.


  • Product labelling

    Indication: diarrhœsan® Saft  is traditionally used for the treatment of mild, acute (unspecific) diarrhea. The product is a traditional herbal medicinal product for use in the specified indication exclusively based on long-standing use. Please note: contains 1.5 Vol.-% alcohol and aspartame. Please refer to package leaflet.
    If you have any further questions on the use or side effects of this medicine, ask your doctor or pharmacist.